Fall and falafel

I feel like the fall is here for now. It's always bittersweet in a way...but I am so down for fall clothes and such! Bring me ALL THE BURGUNDY COLORED STUFF!  
Since Wednesday, I've been having Satsuki staying here at my place. She is gonna stay here until Thursday next week, and even though she is busy doing interviews etc for Uni, we still get to spend alot of time together. It's just awesome. And I get to practice my Japanese which OH my god I am in a desperate need of.
Yesterday we met for lunch, after one of her interviews, at Falloumi on Ringvägen by Skanstull station. I've been hearing alot of good stuff about that place and yes....it was the bomb! Super good falafel and even better halloumi in a tasty pita with hummus and vegetables. Dreamy. 

Satsuki <3 

And how's the French going then, you might ask? Well, the first part of my grammar course is just awful... like, grammar terminology etc. It just won't stick, you know. I get the conjucations etc but the TERMS ITSELF...nope. But on a positive note, I can feel my French understanding getting better each day. It's almost scary. I hope it won't push out my Japanese or the little Korean I've managed to pick up lately...that would suck.


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