A taste of the North

Today I had lunch together with Sofia, Satsuki (who's back in Sweden, if only for a short time) and a new friend, Keichiro. We went to "Knut" a restaurant that serves Northern Swedish food! We went there together with Satsuki and her little brother back in January and so we decided to go back there now and introduce THE NORTH (lol) to Keichiro. It was very difficult to decide on what to eat, but in the end I went with "viltbiffar" and mushroom sauce. It was suuuuper good. We sat there for a few hours and chatted and talked about Sweden and Japan etc. It felt so effortless to just hang out with Satsuki again...not like it's been almost 3 months since we last saw her. And it was really nice to meet Keichiro too! 

After getting back home....what did I even do?? I read a bit, worked on my CV...ugh. I feel so restless. I wanna play video games but I finished The Last of Us yesterday...hmmm. 


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