A break in the North

Tomorrow I am going back up to Umeå for a few days. It's gonna be so great. I hope not only to meet my family and hang out with friend, but also to get some studying done. My French class is going quite bad and I'm honestly not even sure if I am gonna pass this course.... but I won't give up just yet!! 
Last week was also such a trip. But only two days at work which left me with alot of time to read my (French) book. I finished reading the last pages today and also watched the movie....it was actually more weird than the book? Might be because I didn't totally understand the book lol.
I met up with Anton on Friday night and played some Resident Evil 6. We started playing the campain with Leon and Helena (that's her name, right?) and I have to say.....Leon is so much cooler than Chris. He is almost...hella cool?? I dunno but I like him lol. We also catched up and talked about life etc. When he was about to leave, we got stuck talking about the future in my hallway for probably one whole hours before he actually left haha. 
Yesterday I went to Sofia's new apartment and we made karee raisu and lemon meringue pie (which turned out a little....roasted but still good!) and just chilled and read from my diary from our trip to Tokyo & Seoul. I've dreamt about Japan as well as South Korea several times the past week....I wanna go back so bad. 
Eeeeey crispy af. 
But yes. Umeå days ahead! I'll be back in Sthlm on Sunday~


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