Post-opposition seminar

Today, from 9:00, we had our opposition seminar for our BA thesis. We were divided into our host institutions where we've been writing our thesis (mine is Human Geography) so we were a small group of seven. So we followed our schedule and opposed (?) each other's thesis in pairs, while the rest of the group listened. It was really cool hearing what the others had been writing! 
Iris opposed my thesis, and it went much better than I thought it would! I don't feel confident about it AT ALL so I was ready for a complete blood bath....but no. So all that remains is to fix some minor issues, some structural issues etc....and then I am done. Insane. I am actually graduating next week. 

Postat av: ina

WOHOOO! Bra jobbat bästis :D

Svar: Hihi tack bästaste <3
Johanna Lundgren

2017-05-24 @ 08:59:22

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