Mid-week fun times

I've two awesome days with my classmates this week....and it's only Wednesday! 
Yesterday, after some hours of writing at Uni with Rebecca, we met up with Emy at Lappis. We did some grocery shopping and then went back to Emy's place where Tove and her and Emy's friend Travis (who they met while studying abroad in Bangkok last year) later showed up. Originally we'd planned for a BBQ night outside but since the weather couldn't make up it's mind we had an indoor "BBQ" instead. Which was just a good! 

One of all the 54 different weathers we experienced yesterday....

After dinner we played a board game (Betrayal at house on the hill yet again hehe) and I actually won! WOOP! Just before 22:00, we melted some chocolate and cut up some bananas and went outside to hear the legendary "Lappis scream". Appearently it's a tradition that students scream at 22:00 every tuesday night. We didn't tell Travis about it and his face when everybody started screaming randomly was hilarious. We sat outside in the cold, munching on chocolate dipped bananas and chatted about random stuff before our blankets couldn't keep us warm enough and we went back indoors again. Such an epic night.

Boardgames on the floor <3

A bit cold but happy :D
This morning I met up with the same gang + Emma for brunch at Sthlm Brunch Club! Yaaaay!! I went all in and ordered pancakes, avo sandwhich and a freakshake. No regrets at all. And everything was so goood. God delicious food makes me so happy. 
Rebecca, me and Emma :D

These freakshakes thooo

My must-have American pancakes!

I ate all of this. And I'd do it again tomorrow.

After the brunch we split with Travis and he headed out to explore the city while we went back to Uni to continue writing on our thesis. With all that good brunch food in my belly I managed to tick off some things in my thesis that I've been postponing so...it went alright! Gonna go back to Uni tomorrow and on Friday and then hand it in later on Friday evening when my first deadline is. Gaaah!! 


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