Breakfast @ Sophies Canelé

I met up with Sofia and the Japanese girls today at St. Eriksplan for a nice breakfast at Sophies Canelé. This is also a place that I've been wanting to go to for super long but never actually made it there...until today!
The café was SUUUPER pretty with marbe tables with flowers on them and the whole place just gave off a very...instagram worthy/classy vibe, you know? I loved it. We all ordered their big breakfast package that came with pastery-of-your-choice, coffee/tea, orange juice, yoghurt w/ müsli and jam and a sandwhich of-your-choice. It was so worth the money. 

Sofia and Mayu :D

Erina, Tomone and me :D

The whole gang <3
Everything was so delicious. The orange juice was so fresh, the yoghurt with müsli and jam was so creamy and the sandwhich (I took one with salami and small pickles) was really good too. But the star of the show was the almost croissant. Probs best croissant I've ever had. And the black tea I had was really rich and delicious too. Such a success!
So we sat the chatting, looking at old pictures and laughing like usual. Then when we left we realized that this would be our last time seeing each other for a while, since the girls are leaving next week. We've all been quite busy this semester but every time we have had time to see each other all 5 of us, we've had a blast! They're all such wonderful and smart girls, and we've made some really nice memories together. Like always, when parting with friends like this, we only say "see you later" and not "good bye". Because we'll meet again, for sure.  


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