A weekend off

I submitted my BA thesis for the first deadline at around noon on Friday last week, and since then, I've been relaxing from the studies. On Saturday we had an amazing Eurovision night at my place with the whole gang. We started with dinner at a Chinese place here in Hornstull and then bought some snacks for the evening at Hemköp. It was such a great evening!
The only picture I took on Eurovision night...food, hahah!
Then yesterday, Sunday, me and Sofia went and watched the new Guardians of the Galaxy 2. It was SO GOOD!! I would actually say it's just a great as the first one...which is rare!! 

Buying some candy before the movie~


In the evening me and Sofia went to Lappis to hang out and have dinner with the Japanese girls. The food was really good and we laughed so much talking about random stuff, like always. So sad they'll be leaving soon...



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