A weekend of recharging

I got an OK from my supervisor on Friday morning that my BA thesis was approved for next weeks seminar, so I handed it in immediately after waking up. I've been so nervous about it not being good enough for the seminar so it felt amazing to get that green light to hand it in. Now all I have to do it prepare for the seminar on Tuesday.
So needless to say, I decided to take Friday and most of Saturday off. On Friday I went to Slussen for some window shopping (feels like ages ago), and then I walked to 18 Smaker for some ice cream. I got two small scoops of grilled pineapple w/ vanilla and one with saffron flavour. It was delicious. So I munched on that and then walked back home, on a side street of Hornsgatan, behind Münchenbryggeriet and then Högalidskyrkan. I've never been there before but it was a really nice walk, but super hot. So when I got back I bought some gelato haha! This one was Nutella flavoured. Sooo good. 

At first I thought that the lady was crazy giving me my gelato looking like it was about to fall off the cone right then and there but no, it was so thick it didn't even dripp. 
When I wasn't outside trying to absorb some sunlight I've been curled up in my arm chair watching K-dramas all weekend. I started watching "Goblin" the other day and MY GOD it's so good! I fell for the Grim Reaper immediately (the moment after I had finished laughing at his outfit). Lee Dongwook is a masterpiece of a man. But あの超イケメン aside, the story is very....captivating? I dunno how to describe it but I really like the plot. I'm already 9 episodes in (I have no life) and I just...I feel like the ending is gonna fuck me up. 楽しみに。
BESIDES that. Tonight is the BBMAs and my BABIES BTS are gonna be there and I wanna stream it and watch it live but I am already so tried I feel like Imma fall asleep any second now. Ughhh if I fall asleep before the streaming starts...정국아,화이팅!!


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