Tokyo 2017 pt. 1 goes. I am gonna post some pics from our first four days in Tokyo. During the first day we were super jet lagged and after arriving to our friend Satsuki's house, we then went out and visted Shinjukugyoen. It was super big and very beautiful! On the second day me and Sofia went shopping alone and in the evening we met up with Satsuki and Yuuki for dinner! Sweet Yuuki, how I've missed her <3 On the third day the four of us hanged out in Shibuya together! On the fourth day me, Sofia and Satsuki visited some temples and then met up with Tomone who was in town. So great to see her again as well! 

Postat av: Marie Bergman

Åh jag vill också åka dit! :)

Svar: Tokyo är verkligen en fantastisk stad :D
Johanna Lundgren

2017-07-05 @ 18:34:15
Postat av: ina


Svar: JAG VET!
Johanna Lundgren

2017-07-13 @ 21:56:40

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