Seoul 2017 pt. 4

On our 10th day in Seoul we went to Time Square mall in Yeongdeungpo. That's where Amber and Luna shot their "Wave" music video!! The mall was super nice with a lot of shops and cool restaurants. We had lunch at a Japanese restaurant just for the lolz. Later we went to Banana Tree, in Sinsa (or rather between Sinsa and Apgujong I think...) and had their famous potted pudding and cotton candy latte. On our 11th day we visited Namdaemun market and then walked along Seoullo 7017 towards Seoul station. Then we visited a museum close to Gyeongbokgung and when we exited the museum they were changing the guards at the gate! The timing!! Then we went for fika at a Innisfree café and then went to Insadong and had mandu for dinner. 


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