Seoul 2017 pt. 3

We spent our seventh day in Hondae. We had brunch at a cool place called Ugly Stove and then I went to my hair appointment to perm my hair! It took about 3 ½ hours and then we met up again for dinner (ribs and cheese omg). After dinner we went to a very hyped café called Creamfields, which was like...goals. On our eighth day we visited Namsan Tower, enjoyed a fika at Passion5 in Itaewon, visited the war memorial of Korea, had a quick stop at Ehwa Women's University and then finished the day off with a huge melon bingsu! On our ninth day we visited COEX mall and SM Town. It was crazy. Then in the evening we had Korean BBQ again and then dessert at Billy Angel (maybe my fave?! I wanna go there every day </3). 


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