LOTR Marathon~

Yesterday me, Sofia and Satsuki had an epic Lord of the Rings marathon at my place. We met at Hemköp at around 9:00 in the morning to buy snacks and food for the day. 12 h of watching movies demands ALOT of goodies ehehe. Then we went home and started watching "The fellowship of the Ring" at 10:00. Aaand we were done with all three movies at 21:45 in the evening haha!  Inbetween the first and the second movie, we had lunch (hot dogs hehe) and then between the second and third movie we went and bought some pizza. 
It was such an awesome day. I love our  LOTR marathons~ we usually do it once every year but...I think I skipped out on the last one, 'cause it feels like it's been forever since last time. Oh well. 


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