A good start of the week

I had quite the wonderful Monday yesterday, with my classmates. 
After the introduction and first class of the new semester, four of us went to St. Eriksplan to have lunch at this sushi place one of my friends had found. Appearently they served really good dumplings as well, so we just HAD to try it out. I got their yakiniku and dumplings set, with mixed dumplings. The yakiniku was as good as any yakiniku I've had, but the dumplings...wow. They we're really good. Gotta love 'em handmade dumplings. 
Then we went to a nearby café close to Vasaparken for some semla! The first semla of the year and oh my god it was so goooood! The "mandelmassa" inside was a chunky and nice~ Loved it.
After getting home I hit the gym, tried to structure up some things for this course, then decided that I'd done enough for the day and started playing some FFXV. I'm about to take on the mission to hunt a Catoblepas...I have no idea how this is gonna work out. I mean, those things are huge! How the hell...my first "game over" is just around the corner, I can just feel it. 


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