One OK Rock concert~

Woaaah....last night was amazing! 
The concert was at Debaser Strand which is like 4 min walking distance from my apartment. Nice. So I got there at the venue a little bit more than 1 h before they opened the doors. So I was just standing there, freezing like crazy for over 1 h hahaha. But yeah, it could've been worse. After getting in and hanging away my coat, I realized how tiny the venue was. I went up and stood right in front of the sound....managing...desk...thingy on the right side of the floor and stayed there during the entire concert. I had a pretty good view of the stage and I didn't have to be all squished between people. It was great!
The opening band, Crown the Empire, was actually really good! I was like "oookay....I see you". Kinda shocked. But was time...for One OK Rock!!! Like always, seeing people who's music you've listened to for years right in front of you is quite surreal. Like...they are actually there. Just a few meters away. I could see their faces and eyes clear as was crazy! I remember thinking like "wow Taka looks just like he did when I started listening to them 10 years ago". That man hasn't aged. And his stage presence and movements are just as how I've watched on clips on youtube etc. 
So mostly they played music from their latest album, "Ambitions". They played my favorite song from that album "bedroom warfare" and then some other random songs. No songs from the first albums which are the ones I really like though...not that I expected them to play them haha. But the played "the beginning" which was LIT AF. Overall, I am so happy I finally had the chance to see them live because daaamn they're good live. Taka has such an incredible voice it's actually ridiculous. It was such a great concert <3 



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