Episode Ignis (aka episode return of ANGST)

Okay so this is purely a post about me ranting about the new FFXV dlc so, if you don't care just skip. Spoilers ahead (kinda, a bit at least).
SOooooooooooo....Square Enix....I am upset. Not because Episode Ignis wasn't good (it was amazing) but because last night was like a rewind to when I finished the game back in whatever (earlier this year). Like.... ofc it wasn't AS BAD as then (oh god never again plz) but still.... it cleared up so many things and but also made me feel... I don't know, sad af? The alternate ending.... I can't believe I am saying this, but I prefer the OG ending. Along with the angst and tears. Like, I will 認め the alternate ending as just that, an alternate ending. What COULD'VE happened. But... due to made choices, it didn't. People can choose whatever they want but for me, it's only the OG ending that I will...認める。I do feel like it was a biiiiiit shitty of SE to wait an entire year to release this. Like, this episode was MAJOR and filled in so many holes in the og storyline. Not saying that episode Gladio and episode Promto were unimportant but like...this episode was just on a different scale, you know. 
and Ignis..... with his hair down....boiii. Not cool. His and Nocts relationship just got so much deeper in the episode and truly showed their special bond AND I'M JUST
But yeah whatever, I am a mess. I honestly couldn't sleep last night because of this dlc and when I actually fell asleep I just dreamt about the chocobros....uuuuugh.
There we go, rant over. 


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