Christmas and back and forth

So last Thursday evening, exactly one week ago on the 21st, I went up to Umeå to celebrate Christmas with my family. It was super chill, just the four of us plus Snax. We ate tons of food, played alot boardgames and video games and just had a great time together. I barely left the couch for 3 days lol. Me and mom watched some movies, some youtube vids like we always do together. 


Half of Snax looks so much like Sasha...but she's 100x crazier.

On Tuesday evening I met up with Dena and we just catched up and re-watched Descendants 2 again (it's so awesome omg). Then yesterday, on Wednesday, I had lunch with my cousins together with my family. It was nice that I had some time over so I could see them too.
I came back to Stockholm super early this morning, so I went straight to bed and slept for like 4 hours until I decided it was time to go up...I am spending the rest of the week here in Stockholm (as well as New Year's Eve) and then I'll go back up to Umeå on Monday for 10 days. This going back and forth is a bit annoying only because it's time consuming, otherwise it's alright...getting a little bit of both is great!


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