Catching up~

Yesterday I actually went outside 3 times! Crazy, right? First, I went grocery shopping in the morning. Then, around noon I went for a consultation about a tattoo I wanna get next year. Theeeen in the evening I FINALLY met up with my dear Alona again. We've been trying to meet up for like...3 months. It's just ridiculous but that's the adult life I guess. But yes, we met up after she got off work and went to Mariatorget to get some food at Barobao. I haven't been there in like... 1 ½ year haha. Like, it's REALLY good....but not actually worth the money in my opinion. But since neither of us were starving, it was a pretty good choice I think. So we sat there a while, catching up and talking about EVERYTHING. 

Then we went to Blå Fotöljen for dessert. Also a place I haven't been to in like forever... 
It was such a great night. I've been missing her so much...I hate not being able to see my friends as often as I like. But these kinds of catch-up nights are awesome <3 


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