Soo....I keep getting older lol. 
Yesterday morning, I slept in and when I woke up I talked to Mom on the phone and then I chilled in bed a bit before I got up to make some tea. I am currently dricking a strong Assam tea every morning, which is just lovely. While drinking that, I watched some Dan & Phil vids (bless gamingmas) and then I made some sandwhiches and then american pancakes with maple suryp and bacon. It was lit. 
Then I played some Horizon Zero Dawn until I met up with Anton at around 14:30 in Hornstull. We bought some snacks then went back to my place to play some RE6. We were at the final chapter with Chris and Piers but...we got stuck at the boss. So we had to stop at around 16:30 to go and catch the bus to Fridhemsplan. There, we had booked a table at Tiflisi, a Georgian restaurant where I've been wanting to go for ages. We ordered a dish each and then their cheese bread to share. Everything was DELICIOUS. I need to go back there.

Anton bending down to be as short as me amused me...

After dinner we went back to my place and continued playing RE6 (we finally got passed the boss and continued with Jake and Sherry's campaign) while snacking on ALL THE SNACKS. We played until like 23:00 and then we turned the PS4 off and just sat on the floor chatting until after midnight when Anton took the train back home. 
It was such a nice birthday. And thanks again for all the birthday wishes etc. I am so lucky to have so many sweet people around me, both far away and close. Thanks you all <3 


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