Post GoT season 7 finale feels

Yesterday, me and Sofia watched the season finale of GoT. It was wild. We sat here half screaming and about to lose our shit. I am so ready for the final season! I've kinda decided to rewatch the earlier seasons this fall to refresh my memory a bit as well as make free some space on my harddrive haha (I got ALL the episodes, and they take up over 150G...). So yeah.
I had a nice weekend too btw. I spent Saturday evening with Iris. We cooked some mushroom risotto and had dessert and snacks and then watched a movie. It was super nice.
Luxery mazarin with rasbs and whipped cream~
Tonight (Tuesday) I met up with Maja. Finally had some time to catch up for real. And booooi did we have some catching up to do. Always a good time with her. 
Besides that....nothing much happening. My french courses started this week...been checking those out online etc. And I am gonna start reading "La Petite Bijou" later...not sure I am looking forward to that. I'd rather keep reading HP3 in Japanese. I only have like 200 pages left!


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