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On Friday evening I met up with Dena at Odenplan after her shift had ended, to head to a game arcade! She had been there before with her brother, but it was my first time there! We almost forgot to show ID at the door (lol) but once inside we headed directly to the arcade part of the establishment (there were also a bar and pool tables). The arcade part wasn't all too big, but had many cool machines! We bought some tokens and started off by playing Bishi Bashi! That insane. Then we played some taiko (japanese drums) and Mario Go cart...and then some more taiko haha! I love that game so much (even though I suck at it). We played some anime songs as well as some classics. Super fun.

Btw these are NOT the taiko we played, but cool game nonetheless!
On the next day we stayed in bed half the day and then had lunch at Ni Hao at St. Eriksplan. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I LOVE THAT PLACE. Their food is so good and the staff is super friendly. After lunch we went to Anna to chat and chill. Always a good time. Then later that evening Dena went back to Umeå.... I'm sad to see her leave but we've spent alot of great time together in Sthlm this summer. It's gonna feels weird not being able to see here several times a week....  

Dena's face after dropping some yakitori on the floor for the 2nd time.


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