A luxary Friday

Today I was totally spoiled by my soulmate, Sofia, who I spend the morning and day with. She took me for breakfast at Weiner Caféet which was reaaally nice! The atmosphere there is so luxurious and classic, right there on Biblioteksgatan. We both had eggs benedict (obvi) and then a chocolate croissant and tea. So yummy.


Then we strolled around and looked through some stores there on Biblioteksgatan and swatched are hands full at Sephora. Which is a given, to be honest. Then we walked up through Gallerian to Åhléns and then walked down Drottninggatan. Then we took the subway to St. Eriksplan and had fika at Sophies Canelé. We've had their breakfast before (which was insane) but not actually tasted their canelés...which is what they're known for lol. So we took one each, Sofia took one with lemon (and something) and I took the original one with vanilla and rum. AND I KNOOOW what you're thinking...rum, really?? Well let me tell you, you could barely taste the rum. Trust me. But anyways, the canelés....were like nothing I've ever tasted before! Caramelized and crispy on the outside, and soft, almost pudding-like on the inside, they're were truly special. But I really liked them! So we sat there, chatting about whatnot and then around 15 ish we splitted up after a suuuper nice day together. I really needed a day like this <3  
Look at this little cutie! 


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