The Gaze-Bubble

Me and Sofia are in such a Gaze-Bubble right now and it is amazing. Just fyi.
We met up with Anna at Sofia's yesterday and the three of us had lunch and catched up a little. Anna is gonna be here the whole summer AND she also got an intership here in Sthlm this fall...which means we can meet a lot :D
After Anna left to go to work, me and Sofia went grocery shopping and then derped around a bit. We made delicious veggie patties and oven roasted potatoes for dinner, and then we watched a Gazette live per usual. Nameless Liberty in Tokyo Dome, from 2010. Our boys <3 Then we rounded off the night with some Sex and the City. So nostalgic hahah!
An oldie but a goodie~
But seriously...I don't wanna think about the fact that it has already been over a week since the Gazette concert...ugh. Whyyy must I be here....and they over thereee in Japan??? I can't and I don't want to stop thinking about how amazing the concert, and meeting them was....
(btw I am completely in phase now with the Naruto Anime. Ep 465. Just note to self).


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