Been chillin like crazy these past few days. I think I've earned it. Done a few "productive" things though, inbetween playing Naruto UNS 3 and watching Shippuuden (and screaming due to 気持オーバーフロー (HAHA IS THAT EVEN A WORD???)). 
I pasted my Hangul stickers on my laptop's keyboard. So now I can write much faster in Korean! I wanna kick myself for not writing this earlier (because I don't think I ever did...), but I actually started self studying Korean while in the UK. There's a few reasons behind it, but mostly it's just for fun. I decided to take a break from it until I get back from Finland later this week, so I don't get it too mixed up with my Japanese (since I'll actually BE SPEAKING JAPANESE THIS FRIDAY ERMAH). But yeah, keyboard stickers = done. 

And I decided to cook some Korean food last night, so I had to go out and buy some ingredients. Hella expensive, but worth it. No pic of the food I'm afraid, but it was basically a simple 비빔국소 (Bibim guksu), which is noodles, and chili and cucumber and...stuff. It was gooooood.

I will never run out of sesame seeds.....
And tonight I used my new tea glasses for the first time. Tried getting a pic of it but it turned out pretty crappy...oh well. The glass is perfect and I love it.  


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