Slowly getting back in action

The trip home yesterday went fine. I was greeted with a wall of heat at Arlanda. Fantastic. It was such a surreal feeling to finally lie in my own bed again last night. It was soooo comfortable. 
Today I've tried to pack up my stuff as much as possible. Stuff from my uncle (I stowed away some stuff at his place), stuff I put in the basement...and the stuff in my suitcase too of course. So. Much. Stuff. I also had to go grocery shopping, to fill up my refrigerator. Might have to go again tomorrow...couldn't carry all the things I needed haha.
After a full day of getting the most important things done, I rewarded myself with some gaming. Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Full Burst 3. That's a mouthful, isn't it? Those games are always fun. Might start up another one as well...just because I can. I've been away from my PS3 for faaar too long. 
I am currently drinking tea from my latest pot and cup, which I bought in London. I am absolutely in love with this set. The colours, the just speaks to me <3

Pot and cup in one. What else do you need in life?



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