Dogmatic Trois - the Gazette concert in Helsinki's been an intense past few days. Let's just take it from the beginning. This is a long post and vert text heavy (for a change haha). I mostly wrote this for my own and Sofia's sake so, this will probably not be an interesting post for the rest of you. Just FYI.
So on Thursday (9/6), me and Sofia set off to Helsinki at around 14:30 ish. The trip there went smoothly and we took the shuttle bus in to Helsinki city, like we did last time 3 years ago. It was such a strange feeling to be back there! I feel like so much has happened since we were last in Helsinki! 
Central Station in Helsinki!
Then we walked to the hostel, which was close to Kamppi and Circus, where the concert would be held. We chilled at our room a little bit, and Sofia's Finnish friend from Bath came by and the three of us sat there talking for a while before heading out. We said goodbye to Sofia's friend and went to buy some dinner and also some groceries for the next day. Then we went back to the hostel and tried not to freak out about the upcoming day too much and get some sleep!
Happy dorks at the hostel! :D
On Friday morning, we had our alarm set at 5:15. Time to get glammed up!! Then we packed our stuff and walked to Circus. We arrived just before 7:00, and there were already a good amount of people waiting there. The staff came out and told us some general info about the concert and the queuing. Then, just like last time, we got to pull a number out of a hat, which would be our queuing number. Since we were VIP, we got a separate queue from the other Regulars, and Fan Club members. I pulled no 100. Hahah at first I was like "SHIT" but then we realized that it was pretty close to the front of the line, since not all numbers between 1 - 100 was pulled (obviously), so we were happy with out placement.
Then we waiting started. We sat down at around 7:30 and the doors would open for us VIP at 18:00. So we had some time to kill hehehe. At first, the weather was amazing, and the sun shone down and heated us up in the morning cold. Sofia literally said at one point "This is life" haha! Then at around 12:00 ish the weather changed and it started thundering and rain haha. The staff said they would make a name list so that we could go inside and take shelter, but they we're a tad bit too late and only took our names after the rain had passed. But we managed to pull through. We sat there, huddled underneath my umbrella, sitting on a plastic bag and listened to music on my iPod. It was actually kinda cozy. Until the flow of the rainwater became too much...and some of us got a little bit soaked here and there. Ehehe. Ah well, we took 3 breaks all in all, and before we knew it, it was time to enter the venue!

Enjoying the early morning sun~

The people around us smoked sooo much, therefore these faces of disgust.

The first part of the queue. You can see Sofia's back there on the left, in the grey cardigan. As you can see, we were pretty close to the start of the queue.

So many people...

Finally the sun went around the building and we got some decent lighting for some pics...

Our faces after queuing for 11 h....
We left our belongings in the wardrobe, and ran to the stage area, with the curtains still being closed, and saw that only the front line was taken. I ran up with Sofia behind me and secured us a place at the 2nd row, on the left side of the stage (or so we thought). Insaaane! After maybe 10 min they opened the curtains, and we saw that we were not on the far left of the stage, but in the middle, just a bit left off of Ruki's podium! The stage was like placed a bit more to the left and the people standing on the right, now found themselves standing in front of speakers, and not Uruha's podium. Unlucky for them, hella luckly for us! 
So we stood there, ironically finding ourselves surrounded by Swedish and Norwegian fans, whom we started chatting with. Then they turned off the lights, and NIHIL started playing...
We all screamed, and the guys entered the stage. Even though this was our 4th live with these guys, the feeling of seeing them there right in front of's something you never get used to. Their presence is just out of this world. They started playing DOGMA and the crowd went wild. Such an amazing song. Don't really remember the exact order of the songs, but they played RAGE, Gabriel on the Gallows, INCUBUS, UNDYING, VORTEX, DRIPPING INSANITY, Tomorrow Never Dies, Filth in the Beauty, OMNIOUS, UGLY, Headache Man, BLEMISH and BIZARRE etc. In other words, alot of epic songs. Ruki was fabulous with his new hat and drapy black robes, Aoi was happy and gorgeous, Uruha was hot af and pouty, Kai was cute and excited and Reita.....was flirty as fuck. The crowd was really great, and the people around us was super nice (except for that one idiot...that got what he desvered hehe).We got some fan service from Ruki and Uruha aswell as from Ruki and Reita at the end, and overall, a hell of a show. There was no real MC, but at the end they all lined up and held hands and bowed to us. My heart <3 
After the live, we stayed and watched as the people with the regular tickets left leaving us, the VIP, to form a queue for the Meet & Greet event. We chatted with the other girls about the live, how awesome it was, and also what to say to the Gazemen now for the M&G event. Needless to say, we we're all quite nervous and all felt like we looked like crap. But then the line started moving, fast, and before we knew it, Sofia was walking in to the M&G room, with me close behind her. When I saw them standing there...I was just like "Oh my god...they're actually there. Right next to me!". Sofia went up first, with Aoi standing closest to us, and then it was my turn. When I stood in front of head almost went completely blank. I had practiced lines to say to all of them, but when I saw Aoi right there in front of me, I just lost the ability to speak for a second. I shoke his hand and then I quickly cleared my head as I said with a shaky voice in Japanese "I came from Sweden to see your concert". He smiled and said thank you and I moved on to Reita.
Reita said "Hey" (and looked so fucking great and flirty aaaaaaaaaah) and I asked "Is it difficult to breathe in that mask?" (Reita's wearing this cool ass mask nowadays, which covers half of his face and nose), and he answered "It is difficult haha" and smiled. I said "I guessed as much haha" and moved on. 
Okay BREAK. I just need to write and say that that exchange was the "clearest" of the five of them for me. Reita actually talked back to me, since I asked him a question, and made the moment much more vivid than the others, since they would mostly just say "thank you" or such. Just wanted to point that out.
Then Ruki was up next. Damn that man is tiny. But oh so beautiful. I shook his hand and told him that I loved his singing voice, and he said thank you. I quickly added that his hat was cool as well, and he kinda awkwardly touched his huge ass hat and chuckled and said thanks again. 
THEN. IT. WAS. KAI'S. TURN. So I dunno if ya'll know this, but that man is the only man I ever plan on marrying in this world. That's just how it is. And when I saw his beautiful face, and beaming smile I honestly had a short black out and just forgot everything I had planned saying to him. I grabbed his hand with both of mine and shook hands with him and sheepishply said "Kai-san, I finally get to meet you", and I honestly don't even remember his answer but I think he just said "Hai" and giggled. I then managed to squeeze out "I love your smile" and he said thanks and I was ushered to move on, but before that I pointed at him and said "you're my ideal man!" and he just laughed and said thanks. HAHAHA OMG I blush when just thinking about it. 
Then it was Uruha's turn. When I said my last sentence to Kai, I was already in front of Uruha, and he just looked at us and was like "dis betch is still talking to Kai wtf". Then he looked at me and shook my hand and I said "Uruha-san, it's a little late, but Happy Birthday" (Uru's birthday was the day before the live) and as I said that, I was surprised by how tall he was. I think his hairstyle played a big part in how tall and almost indimidating (but in a good way lol) he looked. All I can say is, "take no prisoners". 
I ran out of the M&G room and saw Sofia standing there and threw myself in her arms and we cried. Oh how we cried. It was over so quickly. The moment we've been waiting for, for the past 7 years. But it was amazing. We gathered our stuff from the wardrobe, said goodbye to the Swedish girl we had been talking to during the live and thanked her for her company etc. Then we walked back to the hostel, high on adrenaline, and bounced all over the streets laughing, screaming and almost crying even more.
It had been such an unreal experience, meeting our biggest idols. I don't think it was like this I had envisioned this moment, heck I honestly never thought that this day would come, but it turned out perfectly and even though it was only a brief meeting, we still met them. We touched them. We talked to them. They will almost certainly not remember us and our faces, but it doesn't matter. Just the fact that I was able to stand in front of them, stand in front of Kai and look in to his eyes and have him looking back at me and smile his beautiful smile....that's all I needed.
Our trip ended a bit drastically and stressfully with the pilot strike breaking out and cancelling our flight back home for the next morning, but we quickly rebooked a new flight and got home safely the next day. After a nap and a loooong shower, we were almost back to normal again haha. Sofia came over later in the evening and we watched two Heresy Standing Live DVD's just to keep the Gaze bubble going. The fact that mine and Sofia's friendship formed through the help of Gazette makes these guys even more important to us, and seeing them live together is one of the best things in life. Can't wait until we see our Gazemen again <3 


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