Catching up on LIFE

Been watching so much Naruto Shippuuden lately, it's insane. Aswell as playing UNS 3...気持が溢れている。It's crazy when I think about how long I've been into this manga/anime and it's storyline. I mean, even after the manga officially ended like 1 ½ year ago, it's still so...moving I guess. And also nostalgic, in a weird way. I'm such a nerd ugh. 

Ancient pic that I'm 101% sure I've posted before, but I just love it so much so whatever. I just... ugh <3

And I went to the gym for the first time in FOREVER yesterday. It felt amazing to run on the treadmill again (one of the favourite things to do at the gym hahah), so I'm planning on going back there tomorrow.

I feel like I've been catching up on my usual life, these past few days. Doing stuff I couldn't do in London. Hanging out with Sofia, eating at Därmedpasta, playing alot of PS3, watching even more Anime (which I also did in the UK, but not on my amazing 48" TV screen hehe) and playing loud music. And and the same almost feels like I wasn't even gone. Like, was I really in the UK for a whole semester??? ありえへん。


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