Weekend life

On Friday me and Alona went on a "treasure hunt" at Uni to find our classrooms for next week. At least, it felt like a treasure hunt. The Uni is waaay bigger than I thought and the location of the classrooms and all makes no sense. But in the end we found them all! We also went to the library to check up on a few things. Later than evening, us and a few new friends from Uni went to a "Welcome and Welcome Back" party at the University's own club (I guess you can call it a club...). It was pretty (read: very) lame but we did manage to talk to some new people and make a few new contacts. 
Then on Saturday, we went to go shopping! Or well, I tagged along when the other wanted to go shopping haha! We started off with a fika at Café Nero near Tottenham Court Road and then worked our way up Oxford Street. Later that evening I went to Kings Cross for the first time! IT IS MASSIVE!!! I also had a great dinner with great company. 

Isn't this the best fika picture ever?!? My Red Velvet cake in the middle was aaamazing <3
Today has been a day of the slower kind. The only time I went outside was to go grocery shopping. Then I talked to Sofia, Talked to Mom and then Skyped with Dena. Oh and I also made onigiri. Alot of onigiri. Yum. 

Look at these babies!! 
Tomorrow is my first class! NERVOUS!!!! I hope I remember the way to my classroom....


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