"Pogo-shippo" & "gorby-baguette"

I had such a great time together with Anton yesterday. 
First we just sat and chatted and did some catching up, and then we decided to take the car to get some pizza! BUT, ofc, the car wouldn't start. Hahaha it must've been because of the cold...
Anyways, so we decided to go and eat burgers at Bun Meat Bun, close to where he lives. Me, him and Sofia have been there before and my god their burgers taste like heaven!!
When we got back, we watched and oooold promo video that we recorded for KICL back in early 2013...it was hilarous. I can't believe it's public on their home page xD Hahaha oh dear....
Then we just chilled, talking about language, life and stuff. It's was very nice. I'm gonna miss hanging out with him while I'm away. 
Only pic from yesterday, taken by Anton xD 


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