First days in London

Hello everyone! 
I'm alive and well here in London. The flight and everything went great and we arrived at the hotel that we'll be staying at until Monday without any trouble. 
On the first day (Thursday) we got our Oyster cards, went to check out my friends dorm and the area she'll be living in. Then we took the bus back to Holloway and went to our new University, but couldn't really enter since we haven't enrolled yet lol. Then we went back to the hotel and had the chillest evening ever. We hadn't slept much that night so we really needed to recharge our batteries, you know. So the first day went quite well!
Literally, the only picture I took on Thursday. Fail.
On the second day, Friday, we first walked to Camden to check out the market. Unfortunately, it was rainy and the mood was so-so, but it was pretty cool. We'll definitely be going back there when the sun is out! 
Then we took a bus to Oxford Circus and walked up and down Oxford Street. We had lunch at a Libanese restaurant which was AH-mazin' and then we took a loooong fika break at a Costa to wait out the rain. Then we went and bought some UK SIM-cards for our mobiles. Which means, my Swedish number is now off and you can't reach me if you try to call me on that number. Just so you know. 
Then we walked all the way to Trafalgar Square, while enjoying the Friday atmosphere of London. Then we took the bus from Trafalgar Square back to the hotel. REALLY awesome day. 


Libanese food <3

Fika :D

Trafalgar Square!

Today on Saturday we took the bus to Hyde Park to walk around and just chill. It's such a huge park! Then we went back to Baker Street (fufufu) to have lunch at a food court there. They had SOOOO much food and appearently they had some kind of "Japan special" and sell tons of Japanese foods and products and such. I squealed. Then we walked to M&M's World close to Picadilly Circus. That store was huge! 4 whole floors!! But there was so much people there so we just looked around a little bit and then went and took the bus back to the hotel. So much walking today, but it was great!

There was alot of squirrels in Hyde Park :D

Just a classic telephone box.

Inside M&M's World.

THIS! Mix your own favourite M&M's :D

OK so tomorrow I'm gonna view my room for the first time! Excited and nervous! See ya! 


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