Day off

Today we decided to go and visit the British Museum and explore a bit more! Me and Sofia went to the British Museum back in November, but since it's huuuuuge we didn't see all the exhibitions and all so I was totally excited to go back! I really like the atmosphere in museums...and there's so many Asians there haha! 

These made me so happy! HOW COOL?!
Afterwards we had lunch at a korean restaurant and I got my "bibimbap-fix". I need bibimbap in my life. It's the best <3 Then we walked around town for a few hours and checked in a few stores. We made our way back to China Town and ooooh my god there's so many restaurants I want to visit there!! I want to eat all the food. 

Bibimbap <3

Fika break~

Tomorrow we have another information meeting at Uni and then "Tour of London"....gonna be interesting!


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