2 weeks of Umeå

I  barely took any pictures during my visit in Umeå. Shame on me. But I managed to snap a few at least...so might aswell upload them! :D

Went on a roadtrip to Vindeln together with Yuuki and Sofia to watch the river :D

How cute are these girls?!? <3

Then we went and bought a "Norrlandspizza" with raindeer meat, Västerbotten cheese, lingon berries and chanterelles!! :D

A day later, fika with Dena!

At the movies, about to watch Spectre, together with the 007 gang xD

Blue sugar! Following pics are all from New Year's eve, which I spent together with Dena!

Blueberry drinks!

Had such an amazing New Year's eve with this girl <3

Delish dinner which we made all by ourselves haha :D

And this dessert tho...

Pomegranatemousse on top of the most delish brownie ever.



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