Weekend with my other half

I've had such an amazing weekend together with my one and only, Sofia. We haven't seen each other in a month, and even though we've been talking on the phone alot and chatting every day, I've still been missing her so much. So when my cousin Mia and Stuart would so kindly lend us their apartment while they were in Sweden, we took the opportunity to be together for a weekend here in London.
So Sofia got here, from Bath, on Friday evening and I met her at the station. Then we dropped her stuff at the apartment and then had dinner at a nearby restaurant. Then we spent the rest of the evening just talking, chilling, laughing etc.

After dinner....

Eating strawberriess like pros...

On Saturday we had planned on going to the Natural History Museum but the line was horrible so instead we went to Victoria and Albert Museum. We were there back in November, but only for a short time, so it was great having more time to explore! Then we went to a Japanese café and restaurant which served delicious sushi and matcha treats. It was amazing. Then we went to Oxford Street and walked around all the stores, then down to China Town and had dinner at a Korean Restaurant. After that we strolled around a bit more before taking the bus back home and just stayed inside, relaxing the rest of the evening. 


In front of the wishing well...

A Sofia for scale...this place is HUGE!

Waiting for our food like:


Bibimbap. Are you even surprised?
We spent the entire Sunday at Westfield as Shepard's Bush. First we had a delicious breakfast at Balans and then we shopped 'til we dropped!! Also managed to have a nice lunch/fika at a French café before we went back home to drop off all the bags and rest a little bit. Then we went back to Wesfield (it's super close) and had dinner at a Brazilian restaurant. It was so cool and the food was great! Then later in the evening Mia and Stuart came back home and we got to hear about everthing going on back home etc. Making me a liiiiittle homesick (but just a little). 

We got seated at EXACTLY the same table as in November! Haha

Delicious! With avocado, bacon, lobster, hollandaise...just yum!

Once again, waiting for food like:

Fried cheese balls with garlic butter!

I really didn't want this weekend to end :( Hate living in different cities as Sofia. But we'll get to see each other in one month! Then I'm gonna visit her in Bath! So excited! I'm already counting the days <3  

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Tack för världens bästa helg <3

Svar: Men tack själv <3
Johanna Lundgren

2016-02-16 @ 00:50:35

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