London weekend

I had such a nice weekend. Well, Friday was mostly shit, until the evening...but both Saturday and Sunday was epic. Yesterday I was in China Town (again), together with my friend Clara from Denmark. He had only planned on going there and get some bubble tea but ended up spending the entire day in China Town haha! So first we had a very Westernized but deeelicious bubble tea and then we walked around and looked through a few shops. Then we got hungry and went for dinner at a really nice place that served homemade dumplings. It was so good! We sat there for a pretty long time just chatting and then Clara started craving coffee so we went to a nearby Costa. Then later in the evening I took the bus to Mia's place (I'm borrowing their apartment until next Sunday while they are in Sweden!) and had a nice quiet evening all by myself. It was fantastic. 

My bubble tea! Strawberry and Cream was so good!

Clara took Cookies and Cream, also amazing <3

Homemade dumplings <3
Then this morning I took the bus to Angel to meet up with the girls for brunch. Honestly, brunch is like the best thing ever. I just love it. We sat there chatting for a while before we split and I went back home and unpacked and read a little bit. Then I had plans to meet up with someone at Covent Garden for dinner. Also got a private tour of the Google offices around Tottenham Court was such a great evening. 

English breakfast!

These pancakes thooo...
Brunch! :D
Tomorrow it's back to business though! Class at 10 am! Yosha!


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