Free day with solo shopping

Today I had no classes so I decided to go in to town and buy a few things and explore a bit! I started off a Piccadilly and went to the biiiig Waterstone's they have there. It's like 5 floors or something...with just books. Just amazing. I bought two books for Uni and then walked up towards China Town. Yeees I know I'm like in China Town every day but it's so awesome!!! Maybe I'll get sick of it soon but now, nothing and no one will stop me from drooling outside of all of the amazing restaurants and freaking out inside all of the shops there. Then I had a quick lunch at EAT and then walked aaaaall the way up and down Oxford Street. I think I'm slowly getting a feeling for that street now, so next time I'm gonna check out somewhere completely new! But yeah, it was a great day off!

Piccadilly Circus :D


Inside Waterstone's.

China town all dolled up for Chinese New Year :D



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