Exploring London

Today I had the day off so I met up with a super sweet Turkish girl from my class and together we explored the eastern parts of London! We started off at Leadenhall Market (close to the Bank of London) and walked around there a little bit. To be honest, it was muuuuch smaller than I thought haha. But appearently they shot some Diagon Alley scenes from HP there...Anyways, after that, we walked around the finance distric a bit and saw the Gherkin (lol) and other cool buildnings. We also payed a short visit to London Met. City Campus, just to check it out. It was about 30x smaller than our North Campus haha. Then we walked aaaaaall the way to Angel and then finally ended up having an early dinner at a cute Thai restaurant. I love days like this when I just get to walk around and explore the city. There is so much to see here! Love it!

So pretty~

Entrance to Leadenhall Building...

And the famous Gherkin :D


Found these flowers in Finsbury Circus!

We passed an old but beautful graveyard, going towards Old Street station...

Dinner! :D


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