Westfield Stratford

So today the girls and I took a trip to Stratford to go to Westfield, the big shopping center they have there. There is a Westfield in Shepard's Bush aswell (where me and Sofia used to hang out lol) which is bigger, but we wanted to go someplace new so, yeah. We took the overground to Stratford, and then Westfield was just next to the station. And it was big. And crowed. We walked around a bit, and then went for an early lunch at Gourmet Burger Kitchen. Since I had a big breakfast I only got the sweet potato fries with baconnaise (!!!). So delicious. Then we walked around a bit more, checking a few stores only to realize it's waaay to many people out...ugh. We went to the top floor of M&S for some fika and sat there talking shit for a while before deciding to call it the day and went back to the station to take the train home. I must say, and I'm probably being bias now, but I prefer Westfield in Shepard's Bush. It just more open and bright...ah well, now I've been to Stratford at least lol.

Waiting for the train~

Inside Westfield!

Lunch break~

Look at those skinny fries!!! 

So good~


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