Scandi Kitchen round 2

Today I met up with my cousin Mia to get some fika at Scandinavian Kitchen! She ordered a Norwegian bun, and I got a Danish cake. Sorry Sweden hehe. But yeah, it was great seeing her again! So fun to be able to meet up with her like this, kinda spontaneously, since we usually live in different countries haha! 
On the way home, I dropped by H-Mart mini on Tottenham Court Road to get some tteokbokki! Korean spicy rice cakes! I have literally been craving them recently. They're in the freezer waiting for me, but I'm too full to eat them now...I'll save them until the cravings become unbearable! And I just finished watching GoT S05EP10 to warm up for tomorrow....GoT Season 6!!! Shit is gonna go down! 

Oxford Circus~


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