Sat & Sun

Yesterday I had such a nice evening out in the city with Alona. We had some Bao Buns or whatever they're called in China Town, then walked all the way up to ODEON on Tottenham Court Rd to catch the new Huntsman movie! It was alright, didn't blow me away or anything, but I enjoyed it!
This morning I took the bus to King's Cross to meet up with...SOFIA! She was in town with her parents and after they took off to the airport Sofia had a few hours until her bus back to we decided to meet up!! We walked from Kingsan (asså lol. Inte Kungsan här inte, utan Kingsan) to Warren Street Station and then had some fika at a Starbucks, and then lunch at a nearby Itsu. It was so wonderful to see Sofia again. Next time we meet will be when we go to Helsinki in June!!! 
We can't take serious pictures anymore...


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