Long weekend with my P1, pt 1

So Maja, my P1, arrived to London on Thursday afternoon. I picked her up at Heathrow and then we went in to the city together. We got off at Picadilly Circus and then walked to China Town to get some dinner! Then we strolled to Trafalgar Square and got on the bus home.

On our first full day together, we headed to Camden to visit the market and look at all of the stalls etc. We shared some sweet potato fries and then got on the but to Oxford Circus to do some shopping! After spending some moneyyy, we went to Euston Station to catch a train to Watford Junction to get to Warner Bros. Studios Harry Potter tour! Even though I've been there once, it was still epic. When we got back, we walked to King's Cross and had dinner at a nearby restaurant before we took the tube back home.


Ps. This post has both mine and Maja's pictures, but mostly hers ^^


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