Dat 雰囲気 tho

Yesterday I went to the library to finish my Middle East essay, and then in the evening I met up with Alona and Clara to head in to the city for dinner! We went to Vapiano, which was delicious as always. The atmosphere at Vapiano is something special. I can't put my finger on it but...it's something. Then we went to Hummingbird Bakery to buy some cupcakes and cake to take home haha! Such a simple but great evening.

On the bus, on the way to the city centre~

Tried a new pasta, Alona's favourite, with scampi. Quite (read:very) heavy but oh so good~
Today I went to the library again, but didn't get that much done (except for my flash cards...chapter 7 now!!). On the way home I did some grocery shopping and then cooked some late lunch/early dinner when I got home. Now I'm just trying to practice for my Chinese presentation tomorrow. It's not actually in Chinese (well duh) but I still refer to it as my Chinese presentation lol. Hopefully it'll go well...


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