Writing assignments and slaying Coeurls

Been having classes everyday this whole week and today (Thursday) was my first day off! But not entirely off...because I needed to meet up with my friends to work on a group assignment. But that wasn't bad at all, in fact, it was quite fun. Well, meeting my friends is always fun. 
Earlier this morning I treated myself to some FFX-2 gaming but almost immidiately got stuck at the old Monster Arena in the Calm Lands trying to clear out some fiends for Clasko. What stopped my progress was an Oversoul Queen Coeurl. Yup. I texted my Player 1 (aka Maja) about it and appearently she had the same problem when she was playing, but she didn't remember how she beat it. Darn it. So I made it my mission to slay that stupid fiend tonight after I got back home and guess what...I DID IT! Yaaay! All thanks to some Death proof accessories and a Silence spell. Woop!!
Btw I just need to mention the epic evening me and Sofia had yesterday. She came over after Uni and together we made dinner and then went and bought some chocolate and later watched the movie "Spy". It was a hilarious movie and such a well-needed midweek chill out evening. Loved it.


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