The week before the exam...

On Tuesday evening I met up with Dad, who was in town, and together we went to a neaby Thai restaurant. I got some delicious entrecôte and Dad got their fried Tilapia. Both tasted amazing.

A happy Dad :D
Yesterday was quite slow. I had a class during the morning and then I stayed a few hours to do some studying. But it felt like it didn't go all too well, so I kinda gave up. Instead I went home, bought a pastry from a bakery close to the subway, got home and curled up in bed with a big cup of tea and my book. I started re-reading the second book from my series by Patrick Rothfuss after I came back from London. Prepping for the 3rd one which I'm gonna get later in December perhaps hehe. 
Today...I don't really know what to do. Well, I need to study, that's for sure. But I am not going to Uni since I don't have any classes so...yeah. We'll see. 


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