No but really, I'm feeling quite slow these days. I just wanna stay in bed all day and read my book or play FFX-2. Can't focus on anything else, don't want to focus on anything else. Is this the typical November-depression they talk about? Meeeh...
In my present state, you can understand how much I DON'T WANT TO STUDY. And on top of that, my current course is awful. I don't understand anything and I feel so extremely discouraged after every class it's just ridiculous. If I pass this on my first try it's a miracle...I just want to be done with this course.
I've decided that I'm gonna take a week break from FF-2, until I've had my exam. But next week will not just be me trying to study for the exam, no. My Dad will probs me in town for an evening, I'm gonna skype with Dena, Maja will be visiting later on Friday and I'm gonna cut my hair! It's been 6 months now since last time and my hair has gotten quite long...something needs to be done about that!!
Old pic from when I had just cut my hair~


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