Short going shorter

Today has been quite random but I did managed to get one productive thing out of the way; I got a haircut! :D My old hairdresser, Sarah, has unfortunately left Stockholm but instead I got another one, Therese, who did just as an amazing job! We cut my hair a little bit shorter and kept the little "messy" look. I am in love with it! And my old ombré still holds up! Incredible. 
Before...Quite weird lightning but ah well xD Dry and nasty hair...

 "New hair selfies" at home!

It's sooo short in the neck! Love it!

Postat av: majsi

SÅÅÅ snyggt!!!

Svar: TACK vännen! :)
Johanna Lundgren

2015-11-25 @ 16:21:18

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