Epic long weekend in London, pt. 3

On Sunday we did not have anything special planned but only to walk around and visit some tourists sites and museums and to do some shopping. First we went to a famous bakery called Hummingbird Bakery to eat some delicious cupcakes! Then we went to British Museum which was really cool. Later we walked along the river Thames and saw the London Eye and Big Ben. In the evening we met up with Mia and Stuart and went out for dinner together. Me and Sofia had fish&chips which was super good!

So many cupcakes~

We got a nutella cupcake and a red velvet cupcake!

Inside the British Museum

The Rosetta Stone!

Kisse :D


London Eye again...

And Big Ben!

So good~
On our last day we had breakfast at a nearby restaurant at Westfield. We had a kind of typical English breakfast which kept us full for many hours! We walked around at the Westfield mall for a few hours before we picked up our bags and left for Heathrow. There we had dinner at a cool Japanese restaurant that had "kaiten sushi"! 

I want this every morning!

Having dinner at the airport~
So yeah, our trip to London was a huge success!! There's no way you can do and see everything in London in just a few days but I think we did pretty well...It was so much fun! Looking forward to going back there soon! 


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