Epic long weekend in London, pt. 1

After a few amazing days in London me and Sofia came back to Stockholm late last night. We've been having such an amazing time together with tons of great food and stuff. It was so nice of my cousin to let us stay at her place and also showing us around in the neighborhood and all. So thankful! 
Anyways, it's easier to let the pictures speak than writing about everything here so, here we go! I'll split it up in to three seperate posts I think...I took over 200 pics during this trip xD
On Thursday me and Sofia got on a flight to London and arrived to the capital at around 18:00. My cousin met up with us at Heathrow and together the three of us went in to central London and to their appartment. There we met up with her sambo and then the four of us went out for dinner together. We went to a nearby Syrian restaurant and the food was amazing! Loved it!

Making ugly faces at Arlanda.


Stuart and my cousin Mia :D

 So delish~
The next day me and Sofia had booked us a table at the Ritz for Afternoon Tea. Yup, that's right! We've been talking about going there for years and now when we finally went to London, we just had to go! We got all dolled up and headed out around noon-ish. The Ritz was so beautiful and the interior was stunning. We were both a bit nervous and I kinda felt like I didn't belong there but we tried to at least act the part haha! We got sandwhiches, scones, pastries and tea. Everthing tasted divine. And we got so full! They kept asking if we wanted anything more (the service was outstanding ofc) but we just couldn't eat anymore! Then we went back to the apartment and changed in to something more comfortable and then went out to do some shopping at Oxford Street! In the evening we went to a Thai restaurant and had great dinner just the two of us.

About to head out!

Gorgeous Sofia!

Look at thiiiis


Judging someone... xD

Soulmates :D

The lobby~

Out and about on Oxford Street!

Having dinner at a hip restaurant close to Westfield.

Spicy Thai food!


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