Today I woke up early and headed out to Arlanda to meet up with my parents and aunt. They are going to London (I am so jealous...) and had quite some hours between their flights so we figured it'd be nice if I joined them and had lunch together and all. It was great meeting them if only for a few hours! Also got my Yen for me and Sofia's trip to Japan next month. Woho!
After getting back home I played a little bit, watched some Gintama (only about 40 episodes left omg) and then read some articles for our group assignment. This whole last course is like a big group assignment, when we have to write a 10 page long report together about any kind of subject (as long as it is related to Political science). We are gonna cover environmental politics and urbanization. I'm so thrilled about this subject! Environmental politics is probably my favourite!
Tomorrow I'm gonna take it slow and pack for my trip to Brussels. I can't believe it time to go there already, like what happened?! I'm stoked though. A bit nervous, but stoked as hell. 


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