OK so last night was pretty epic. 
Dena and Anna came to my place at around 22:00 and then we got ready together to go out. We arrived at "Skyddsrummet" where Sober was held at around 23:00 I think...and then the partying started. First we got ourselves some drinks at the bar (provided by Naked Juice Bar) which tasted awesome. Then directly after that we got some "mocktails" which tasted even better. Then we hit the dancefloor. And it was so much fun! Since we had bought a free bar pass we alternated between dancing our butts off, and drinking delicous drinks. At around 01:30 we decided that we had had enough and walked back to Slussen and took the subway home. 
It was such a perfect night. The atmosphere at Sober is unbeatable. No one is drunk, no one is rude, no one is being disrespectful. Everyone is just happy and dancing and going wild, without the use of any drugs. Why can't every club be like this? Is everyone seriously so unhappy and insecure in their sober state that they need drugs to relax and have fun? I don't think so. 
Amazing friend and an amazing night!


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