Aries & Sagittarius

So both Dena and Anna spent the night here at my place after Sober on Friday night and then on Saturday they had to leave to attend to a Red Cross-meeting-thingy. So I spent half of the Saturday alone reading a bit, gaming a bit more. Then after they came back Anna picked up her things and left to be with her boyfriend, so me and Dena had the rest of the evening and the whole Sunday to rock on together!
On Saturday evening we went and bought take out, had dinner in front of the TV re-watching some Naruto. It was so much fun and nostalgic. We also laid on the floor, just chatting about random stuff. 
On Sunday we woke up quiiiiite early but still stayed in bed afterwards for a good 2 hours haha. We discussed questionsmarks in the Naruto-plot, some other Anime-plots which makes an equal amount of sense and finished it off my listening to some soundtracks and dancing in bed. A pretty good morning. After we finally got up and got ready we headed in to town and met up with Sofia. "The Legendary Sannin" was once again gathered! We walked around town and did some shopping and had lunch together. Then we split up and me and Dena headed back to my place where we watched some more Naruto before she had to take the bus back to the airport. 
This was a great weekend. I have such amazing friends. I just wished that we lived closer to eachother.
Zodiac compatibilities: 
Aries + Sagittarius: Piggy back rides and loud singing in public
This has to be what our horoscopes meant! 

Postat av: Robex Lundgren

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2015-05-11 @ 08:51:53

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