Summer break!

Yesterday I had my final oral exam. And it went pretty well, I think.
So now, my first year at Stockholm University is over. I can't believe I actually made it. It's insaaaane how much I've learned during this year. It's almost been like a realization of how much I DONT'T KNOW...but now I know a little bit more at least. And next semester I won't be hanging out with my lovely GU classmates, but new ones since I'm starting my "special orientation" year. And then it's time for "Political Science"! It's gonna be amazing.
But now I'm officially on summer break. Feels fantastic. Started off the summer break with hanging out with Anton and some of his classmates yesterday. The 4 of us met up at Fridhemsplan and played some pool together. It's seriously been over 10 years since I played it, but I think I did quite good haha. Then we split up and me and Anton went back to his place. We ordered some pizza, sat and laughed at Pokemon Fusions and then played some Super Smash Bros. Melee. Just a prefect chill evening.

Anton xD

Beautiful Stockholm <3
And on the way home, Maja accompanied me over the phone basically all of the way home. Talking about KH of course, what else?
Today I'm gonna take it super easy. Read some more Bleach (seriously, this damn manga....), maybe play some KH, watch the last of Gintama perhaps....but most importantly, start packing. My huge orange suitcase is standing in the middle of the room, looking at me. I passionately HATE packing. But it has to be done. Only a few days left now.....


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